LEAN BUSINESS offers you customized training in lean management and supply chain in line with the company’s strategic objectives.

  • The fundamentals of the supply chain: understand the main challenges and processes of Supply Chain Management. Speak a common logistics language and validate the skills of employees involved in Supply Chain activities.
  • The fundamentals of LEAN: Acquire the bases and tools whose knowledge is fundamental for the practice of Lean management (MUDA, 3 G, KAIZEN, 5 S, visual management, VSM, JIT, LEAN shopfloor organization, LEAN office)
  • LEAN logistics: Acquire the fundamental knowledge to understand and apply the Lean approach in the logistics perimeter (Leveling box (HEIJUNKA), KANBAN, supermarket, synchronous flow, milk runs, flow scheduling)
  • Logistics for non-logisticians: Acquire the basics of logistics in companies.
  • Inventory management and warehousing training: A complete review of the elements of inventory management and the organization of warehouse operations.