LEAN BUSINESS supports you in the implementation of an operational management mode based on the fundamentals of lean management: efficient shopfloor management, methodical and sustainable problem solving processes, a culture of continuous improvement and effective communication between the various interfaces and departments in the company.

  • Support the company in creating a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement.
  • Develop together with the company’s employees a business process mapping to identify opportunities, reduce waste and deliver a project(s) that facilitates the achievement of operational excellence.
  • Operational diagnostics and implementation of lean flow management to continuously improve the performance of production and supply chain.
  • Support the company in the process of developing operational leadership to effectively organize daily activities and allow more time to deal with exceptional situations.
  • Implementation of supply chain structure and improve its execution.
  • Organization and animation of workshops with practical exercises adapted to the company’s needs (value stream mapping, 5 S, supply chain optimization)